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High performance rubber components

AVK Ravestein BV is part of the AVK Group. 

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We develop, manufacture and sell rubber solutions with high demands on quality and know-how

Not only do we produce high quality rubber components, but we also mix and develop our own compounds.

With AVK Ravestein you get the advantages of a small company, like very high flexibility and local production in the Netherlands, combined with all the facilities of AVK GUMMI, including R&D, mixing lines and large and versatile production facilities in Denmark and China.

Product examples

We manufacture customised rubber components for various applications - from the most simple products to high-tech products.

Technical products
We deliver rubber components for numerous technical applications
Rubber gaskets for the food industry
We develop and manufacture food contact rubber materials
Drinking water
Drinking water
We develop rubber components for drinking water contact
Rubber components for the energy sector
We develop and manufacture rubber components for the energy sector
We develop a number of compounds for the healthcare segment, e.g. silicone, fluoro-silicone, polyisoprene, butyl, EPDM, fluoro-rubber and HNBR

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AVK GUMMI Company Brochure